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Show some Timex 鉂わ笍

Comment with your Timex piece 馃槉 This is my 19 year old Timex 'Monaco' homage that I bought with my first paycheck in 2003.
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chrislang commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch!

When I saw the dial and the design of thr hands and case, I was like yeah, like a normal microbrand would do, but as soon as Max turned it over to the display caseback, that's were the wow factor was for me. Love what farer did to customize the sellita movement. Hope they get to having in-house movements one day.聽

chrislang commented on Orient Mako XL aka Hog Rider

It does look neat, first time I saw them with jubilees. Are they the same jubilees that fit SKXs?

chrislang commented on Orient Mako XL aka Hog Rider

My 11 year old Mako XL is still part of my rotation. I still love it, the overall design is unique, not like the usual design homages from a submariner and very different to a mako. Love its beefy lugs and finishing though basic adds a nice touch.

chrislang commented on How do you wear your NATO straps?

I wear folds at back or down under method for watches that are 43+ big or lug to lug that results in some wrist overhang, 聽while rests that are smaller are with the standard method. 聽Having those keepers on the side adds some girth to 37-39mm sport watches.

chrislang commented on Are there Seiko Alternatives for Beginner Enthusiasts?

Orient is the new Seiko.

And yes Addiesdive, Steeldive, San Martin, Baltany are filling in Seiko's shoes now that they have gone way up in pricing. 聽So what if they started or still at homage watch territory but damn such value in these timepieces. 聽I mean a 6105 homage from Steeldive with NH35 going at less than 100$? 馃く


chrislang commented on Do you ever find yourself just aimlessly-admiring your watch? What is this sickness?

it's the only sickness that I am proud to have haha 聽It is even more pleasurable when you get so mesmerized by the beauty and design knowing the good deal that you got it for... (name drop seikos and orients!) 馃槈

chrislang commented on Strap for Seagull 1963

I've put on a tan leather strap on mine and lovin it. Planning to get a blue leather strap next to match with the blue hands.