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commented on Vinylic's WRUW


My eyes are probably older than the rest of me so we're still in the clear. Haha thanks for the info


commented on GameNWatch's WRUW

TN - who knew? Haha, hello there

The hermetique has such a cool design for the face, hadn't seen as much of the texture so just one more reason to add it to the stable.

BoR doesn't look good on everything, but will look great on this.

Yeah winding can be a chore with a crown so close to the case. Thanks for the info!


commented on Vinylic's WRUW

Very nice indeed!

Been on the fence about this one in bronze or even the cream dial, how is the legibility of the polished hands?

commented on GameNWatch's WRUW

How's this wear? And how does the crown feel on that bad boy?

Looks great, one I've gotten close to buying a few times (in green though).

commented on watchAWR's WRUW

Why is the "XI" highlighted?

Very cool watch, never seen it before

commented on rkovars's WRUW


Nice piece

commented on almondtime's WRUW

Looking at the 1918 trench watches, how do you like your Vario?