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atarione ·

gshock and mountain biking a excellent combination

Took my trusting (and rather dusty.) gshock out for a nice mid weed mountain bike ride... all in all a good time... this gshock is no watchbox queen h...
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atarione ·

My Seiko SRP637 leaving the watch box after too long.

This watch *was really the best bang /buck watch out there in 2016~ or whenever I got this as a xmas gift from my wife (i think it was ~$225 at the ti...
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atarione ·

Anyone else really like non black / blue dial divers watches?

Anyone else find that for the most part they prefer divers watches that are colors other than black / blue (dark blue that is) dials that seem to be m...
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atarione commented on Impulse buy during 1st vacation since 2019 ·

Most of the time i wear 42mm or larger watches... however I inherited an vintage Omega Seamaster and it is a small watch...    I feel fine rocking it as well...   but i generally feel better in the 42~44mm range.

atarione commented on Let’s see your watch in its ‘natural setting’! ·

GSHOCK out on the mountain bike.. 

atarione commented on Welcome to WatchCrunch! ·

Hello I just joined (as you can see) I am a huge fan of affordable diver's watches (Seiko, Citizen, Bulova..etc).     I just went on my 1st vacation since pandemic .. impulse bought this while i was at it...  I liked the looks of these since I saw them a few years ago..

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atarione ·

Impulse buy during 1st vacation since 2019

Due to the whole covid thing we haven't traveled since 2019 .. Finally went on vacation and brought home this impulse buy bulova Devil Diver.... It is...
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