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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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If you have a GMT, why do you have it and which do you have?

471 votes ·

Have you found your perfect watch? or are you still searching?

I started watch collecting in 2018. Since then I have fallen into most of the pitfalls of a new watch enthusiast, buying too quickly, not understanding the specs, influenced buys, sellers remorse, etc...
108 votes ·

Which aviation/filed watch would you go for?

I love field/aviation watches and I am looking to add another to my collection. I'm leaning toward the longines but I would like to see what others have to say.
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commented on Omega Nekton and Case Thickness ·

Omega should make the seamster in a desk diver version. cut down the water resistance, remove the helium escape valve, 40 mm case, 11-12 thickness, on the fly adjust. done sir done new classic

commented on Bund versus Bracelet ·


commented on ◇ MICRO HOLY TRINITY ◇ ·

Cward, zelos, baltic

commented on C60 Trident Pro 300, 38mm or 40mm ·

I went with the 38 and I have to say its one of my favorite watches Ill try to post pics later

commented on Two Premium Microbrands ·

the oak and Oscar is more rugged in my opinion. the monta feels more like a luxury watch, nice bracelet and clasp

commented on What's an absolute deal-breaker for you? The one thing that keeps you from buying a model you otherwise love? ·

watch thickness, 12mm seems to be my limit

lug to lug too long

case size 40mm - 36mm is my range

I prefer bracelet however I have made a few exceptions

I don't know much about movements but some are too noisy

I really don't like boxed crystal just adds unnecessary height

not a huge fan of high polished cases

commented on Which aviation/filed watch would you go for? ·

Great picks, I would prob go with the rail master and explorer, but it’s out of my price range for now.

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milestone watch

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How do you rotate through your watch location?

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Thoughts on the new Timex Waterbury?

I just saw this the other day and I am not sure what to think of it. The colors in my opinion don't really go together but it is eye catching.