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6.25โ€ / 15.88 cm Wrist
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LA Tudor boutique

Wristwatch check!

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andypooo commented on Bezel damage on Tudor Pelagos ยท

don't do anything, just wear it and enjoy it with its battle scar

andypooo commented on Tudor or Rolex..? ยท

Rolex for the dimensions and wearability

andypooo commented on Would you wear this piece of art? ยท

I wear a piece of art every day

andypooo commented on 4 watch collection. ยท

Less is more, quality over quantity

andypooo commented on SOTC - Explorer 1 40mm ยท

One of the best collections I've seen on here, most people just want to fill a watch box as soon as possible. This collection is well thought out and seems to have taken a few years to reach this point. Congrats!

andypooo commented on Bikes and Watches ยท
andypooo commented on Rolex Wait List is now Rolex Wish List? ยท

Might get lucky with the Exp 1, it's not as popular as the sub, GMT, Daytona. I got "the call" after expressing interest 8 months prior for an Exp 1. Unfortunately for that AD, I already acquired it from a private seller so I didn't buy the one they offered.

Also the watch market is going down right now, so pieces might be easier to acquire.

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