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Watermelon on a milanese?

I have such mixed feelings about this. Been thinking of it since long. Only photo I found online. What are your thoughts about it?
52 votes

Tuesday blue vintage

Rainy days in Germany...

Made in China

Hi guys, any clues about these? I found some infos online, but not about this model. I got it as an extra from a guy who was having a lot of vintage w...

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commented on Matching your watch by dress code chart

It's a matter of taste imo. Everything should be allowed, but we still take a nice suit at a cocktail party and no shorts. But still, dress code does not include watches basically

commented on Rate my watch collection

Strap definitely unique. Nice collection, but with subjective rating, won't give a number. Keep it going!

commented on Watermelon on a milanese?

Also the voting is close to 50/50. Ah the life is so complicated

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 1: Vario Vs. Unimatic

I will go for Unimatic. I think Vario has some of the reproductions way too close...my2c

commented on Tuesday blue vintage

It definitely needs some polish. But the mechanism is working surprinsingly good. Except that you cannot sleep with it in the same room 馃槅

commented on Made in China

Anyone any clue? I feel myself alone here 馃槀

commented on Rubber or Steel

Rubber only at the beach for me.