Tag Heuer Monaco night

This was a recent event to celebrate the opening of a new Tag Heuer boutique in Westfield White City.

I鈥檝e admittedly never really got too into Tag Heuer. Why not start with the very best of their modern offerings?

The staff were knowledgeable and encouraged everyone to try on literally everything they had!

I tried on the Max Verstappen titanium skeletonised Monaco and the Steve McQueen reissue (complete with left-side crown!) Both are fantastic statement pieces, I think I鈥檇 go with the F1!

The new Skipper is an absolute dream. Beautifully proportioned and the colours are perfect. I tried on the 2 new glass box models too, the 12 o鈥檆lock date on the black is cool, but the blue dial really pops. Tag really are stepping things up with these Carreras. They had a solid 18k gold version in too, which was wonderfully excessive for a Tag.

Finally, the titanium, solar powered Aquaracer. This really surprised me! After having tried on a Pelagos 39, this feels like a fantastic comp on a lower budget. There鈥檚 a slight sun ray finish to the dial which brings a bit of contrast to the matte grey titanium. Didn鈥檛 expect to enjoy this Aquaracer as much as I did.

Fantastic set of watches. I鈥檇 never really looked at Tag before. Going in open minded (with a couple of glasses of Mo毛t on hand for anyone in attendance certainly helping) and without assuming anything about Tag and their brand positioning was the best way to approach it. They have a mixed perception I鈥檝e found when speaking with other watch enthusiasts. I imagine anyone purchasing any of these watches would be very happy with their choice!


always got a soft spot for a carrera 馃槏

I love mine!


I love the new glass boxes but the price is unjustifiable to me. I tried on the new green dial yesterday and it is stunning, but the 9oclock date window threw me off.

I really like the Aquaracer

This is awesome! Might have to check out the store - I have always had really good interactions with staff at Tag Heuer ADs

Very nice. Tag is really coming around.