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alekstov ·

Back in USSR

My Soviet era Raketa Purchased this a number of years ago after selling my Apple Watch. I stopped wearing the Apple Watch and this thing has brought m...
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alekstov ·

Speedy Tuesday

Two of my favorite of the non-moonwatch speedy references. My 3513.82 on the left My uncle’s 3520.50 on the right
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Latest purchase

Not a Speedy Pro, but I couldn’t be happier with the most recent addition to my collection Speedmaster Date 3513.82 39mm
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alekstov commented on Help with watch Decision ·

126344 in my opinion 

Love the bezel and prefer the dial color.

alekstov commented on "Bang-for-your-buck" Brands | Watch Giveaway ·

Seems like Swatch group has a lot to offer at this price point.

Can‘t go wrong with any of their watches, but Longines probably takes the cake

alekstov commented on [Decision] - Classic Junghans Max Bill or a Modern Entry-Level Nomos Club? ·

I haven’t seen the Junghans in person, but I prefer the overall look of the Nomos.

alekstov commented on What is this? ·

I purchased 5 for my groomsmen a few years back and have owned 4 myself over the years. I believe all or at least most of them were hand wound


cheap little movements and not going to win any awards.

but a fun watch to have none the less

alekstov commented on Back in USSR ·


the lugs are non-existent 😂

the case is perfectly round and has a section notched out for the strap

alekstov commented on Sell the Iwc and buy a Santos…or buy a quartz tank? ·

Personally I’d go with the santos. Think its a more versatile watch and just looks better in my opinion 

alekstov commented on Orange Dials? ·

Cant go wrong with that Nomos