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Zotrax1946 ·

Expanding my horological knowledge

2 interesting vids to pass some time on the weekend 👌🏻🤔 https://youtu.be/OaYMK2n9Aow https://youtu.be/T-g27KS0yiY
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Zotrax1946 ·

The quartz crisis

After watching hundreds of hours of watch content, finally I came across a good and detailed vid about a subject that I was very curious of- strangely...
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Zotrax1946 ·

Watch giveaways

I know it is petty, but when the hell am I going to win one!!!!!!!🤪 what are your thoughts about watch giveaways on channels? Is it only for the “comm...
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Recent Comments

Zotrax1946 commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch! ·

Yeepi🤗👌🏻! This is a beautiful looking watch! 

Zotrax1946 commented on Is there a place in your collection for fashion watches? ·

Not for me🤷🏼‍♂️

Zotrax1946 commented on Mechanical or quartz movement ? ·

I own many quartz watches, but if you corner me with this question- my personal preference is an automatic watch🤷🏼‍♂️👍🏻

Zotrax1946 commented on Value Based Purchasing Questions ·

No. Not trading my watches. If I want another, I will get to it.

Zotrax1946 commented on Island Watches ·

Absolutely go for it!!! Love them so much, Marc and Ryan are amazing! The bang for buck is one of the best, and costumer service is unmatched!!!! I own 3 Islanders, and in total bought from LIW 6 watches.

Zotrax1946 commented on Can you do purple? Or are you a hater? ·

Mmmmmm, NO.😄

Zotrax1946 commented on Let's Paint Our Fridays Green! ·

Islander 💚

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Zotrax1946 ·

Is it too big for me? Can’t decide 😳

My Tissot Gentleman. Love it, I think it is beautiful, and it extremely well made, precise and comfy on the wrist. But is it too big? Because of the r...
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Zotrax1946 ·

One watch-One month-Day 29-Ending MyCollectionProject

Day 29 of the one month-one watch each day. Last one (for now😉)- my Frédérique Constant Persuasion Automatic. Thanks to anyone who shared with me and...
7 266
Zotrax1946 ·

One watch-One month-Day 28-MyCollectionProject

Tissot Gentleman powermatic 80 silicium on the black leather strap.
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Zotrax1946 ·

One watch-One month-Day 27-MyCollectionProject

Day 27! - almost done☝🏻, the Casio AE1400, everyday do it all cool tool👌🏻. The legibility of this one and the AE1200 is simply the best!
3 419
Zotrax1946 ·

One watch-One month-Day 26-MyCollectionProject

Day 26- my most prized possession. In 2015 my dad and I looked at watches, Seiko off course, just browsing and checking out, when I saw something that...
5 336
Zotrax1946 ·

One watch-One month-Day 25-MyCollectionProject

Day 25- one of my most vivid memories from childhood, this watch on my dads wrist.. when I was a kid and a teenager that was part of my life’s landsca...
7 197
Zotrax1946 ·

One watch-one month-Day 24-MyCollectionProject

Day 24- Omega Speedmaster. The watch my father had on his hand the day he passed away. I have only one piece that has more attachment and sentimental...
2 456