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San Martin SN0129-G Dessert White GMT

Got this for Christmas! It's my first San Martin, but I doubt it will be my last. The quality is excellent, and it's just beautiful. San Martin really...

Casio AE1200 World Timer aka "Royale" Bronze Mod

Just modded out a Casio World Timer with a kit from SKXMODS.com. I absolutely love this mod. It has a full metal bronze case with sapphire crystal. It...

Germinal 0900 Silver Pocket Watch. Is anyone familiar with this?

I'm really hoping there are some real horology nerds (high praise) out there that can tell me what I have here. I won this in a giveaway. It isn't run...

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commented on Casio AE1200 World Timer aka "Royale" Bronze Mod

Been holding up fine patina looks great. Even the pushers are bronze so they are forming a patina as well. It looks really great with the green tinted Casio Royale

commented on I need help, I can source a 2017 seamaster for c A$5K or a Tutima at A$3.5K

You can own nothing but Casios and be a serious collector. I consider myself a very serious and passionate collector, and my collection currently consist of 4 watches, 3 of which were given to be by family and friends, and a Casio "Royale" I paid $40 for and modded out myself with a kit for an additional. $200. My most expensive piece was a San Martin GMT at a little less than $300 after tax and shipping. And I've owned some iconic, sought-after, and even Omega level watches. But circumstances can change your ability to maintain a large collection, or a collection made up of big names. I am proof of that馃槒. But I cherish the watches I have, and I wear them happily. I once said I would never own an Invicta. But when I had to sell my last dive watch and my friend Jeremy from @OldLineWatches kindly sent me an Invicta 1953, that way of thinking changed. Not only do I wear that Invicta every other day I appreciate it, I will never sell it, and I love it because it was given to me out of the kindness of someone's heart simply because he knew the loss that I felt.

commented on ZenWatchGuy's WRUW

Thank you! A gift from my Mother. Love this watch! Gotta have the bullbars!

commented on whystopatone's WRUW

Likewise! My grail uses to be the whites dial/black bezel Omega SMP 300. But then I actually got to compare a Seamaster (not the SMP 300, mind you, but one of the higher prices Seamasters) and a Tudor Pelagos. I bought the Pelagos. Literally everything was better about it. I was able to try on a Rolex Explorer II with the polar dial as well, but it just wasn't in my price range. Such a magnificent timepiece though! I may end up getting a like a Seiko explore two mod whenever they decide to come out with a true GMT movement. I've seen some of those mods and they look absolutely freaking amazing.


I would wear the hell out of that!!

commented on whystopatone's WRUW

Watch of my dreams!!

commented on ZenWatchGuy's WRUW

That's awesome to know Thanks for the info. The online Seiko serial number decoder i used is a little off I guess! I had a couple others that I wish I'd checked but I sold them before I checked them They were really small on me I think one may have been a women's watch for sure The other one possibly or may have just been a really small men's watch (the square case one)

commented on ZenWatchGuy's WRUW

That would be even cooler. I want a birth year watch, still 7 years off though

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Tudor Pelagos 25600TN

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Citizen PROMASTER Marine NB6021-68L Super Titanium Automatic

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Borealis Sintra

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Invicta is CRAP!!

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