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Rolex Super Clone

Ok Yall i have a topic we can discuss about Rolex Super Clone!!!! So my bestfriends uncle is a HUGE rolex guy, and he is pretty wealthy. He has a set...

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Make one here in seattle 

commented on Rolex Super Clone ·

Ya I am saying if you have the original cobra thats Worth millions you would not want to drive it everyday risking a crash While a factory 5 kit cost a fraction of it and gives almost the same experience. Let’s say you have a Daytona that’s worth 40k would you want to wear it everyday? while a super replica cost $500 and it looks basically the same. if You say “just buy a seiko” it’s like saying just buy a Corolla it does the same thing

commented on Rolex Super Clone ·

Ok I get that, how do you like the factory 5 Shelby cobra replicas? I think they’re cool Plus even if I have the real original cobra (which I will never will cuz of cost) i wouldn’t drive it everywhere everyday, but the replica which cost 1% of The real thing gives you 90% of the same experience  

commented on Rolex Super Clone ·

i agree with most of this. it’s like Shelby cobra clones, I think they’re cool why would you drive the real thing where the fake cost 1% of the real thing and 90% the same 

commented on Out of these 3 which one you guys think is the best? ·

I am an accountant for tech company hahah most people here wears apple watch

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Out of these 3 which one you guys think is the best?

Hi guys I am torn between these 3. It’s going to be my first nice watch and I like them all but can’t decide which one to get. What you think?