CASIO Aqua Terra - Concept

Last year Casio released MTP1302D-2A2VT AKA - Casio Date Just Tiffany and generated a lot of hype on the internet. I recently ordered mine from Casio India.

Also, I spent a lot of time watching the reviews online and found out that - 1. The construction of the watch was poorly made compared to the edifice line, 2. The watch felt like an homage and screamed Rolex which is neither good nor bad but it missed that Casio charm.

There is this one great underrated timepiece loved by many Casio collectors EFV-140D AKA- Casio Aqua Terra I bought this watch around last Christmas and I absolutely love this piece. And I can confirm this is a solid watch.

So I decided to try out a couple of dial variants lining with the Tiffany trend, and here are two of them I think Casio should make - Arctic Blue & Mint โœจ

Let me know your thoughts on these,

if you love them let's try to push it to Casio ... I mean I don't know ๐Ÿ˜€


I like that arctic blue. Not much to say, affordable and being Casio, it should be of a solid quality.


They both look great but we're wasting our time thinking the big hitters like Seiko and Casio care what we think. See my post here on WatchCrunch: "Seiko Board of Directors: The Follow-Up." It's fiction, but just barely?