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2 months ago
Cookeville, TN, USA
5.80โ€ / 14.73 cm Wrist
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Have you ever bought a watch specifically for an outfit? If so, how much did quality matter to you?

I bought this quartz Invicta Pro Diver specifically for this outfit, and I must say, it didnโ€™t disappoint (though admittedly I wasnโ€™t expecting much,...

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commented on TimexBadger's WRUW ยท

Haha I love the big timex peeking over your hand!

commented on Robcollects's WRUW ยท

Beautiful watch!

commented on gatorcris's WRUW ยท

Love these, considered getting one at one point but I think Iโ€™ll opt for the reissued retro diver when I get an orient

commented on enrico.tutti's WRUW ยท

Whatโ€ฆ is this? This is sick as hell

commented on CollectibullBob's WRUW ยท

Prince is the reason I crave purple things, this thing is beautiful

commented on cabarbhab's WRUW ยท

My uncle used to wear this watch and now anytime I see it I think the wearer must be a profuse gambler ๐Ÿ˜ญ

commented on MAnthony29's WRUW ยท

Class is class, no matter the priceโ€ฆ nice watch!