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Starting Over

Sometimes I like to do a thought exercises around "starting over", for example if I had to run out of the house with only a "WUSH/Go Bag" or if I were...
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WhiskeyBusiness commented on Starting Over

No hobby is sensible 馃槣

WhiskeyBusiness commented on Starting Over

Allow me to elaborate, or defend myself, depending on how you're coming at this

I wound up with 3 different lug width watches pretty quickly, so I wound up getting a bunch of straps and various sizes and turns out I have a type, just had to find my way there. It's bad when you have a SPB143 worth of straps only two years into this hobby...聽

WhiskeyBusiness commented on Starting Over

Interestingly enough, a conversation about dishes was what prompted this post- life is becoming a sea of too many decisions聽

WhiskeyBusiness commented on Starting Over

Elaborate so we can all learn!

Another lesson for me is to be more picky and more demanding of what I want out of a watch, settling just leads to disappointment

WhiskeyBusiness commented on Starting Over

This is good, or make a hard and fast rule that you cannot exceed what it can hold, but we all know how that ends聽

WhiskeyBusiness commented on Price increase for Rolex models?

8% of something I can't get is still nothing聽

WhiskeyBusiness commented on Is this a sleeper GMT?

I've had mine for almost a year and besides maybe a day or two it's all I've worn. Tough as nails, and bezel is great, and a total strap monster聽

I like the added GMT function but a few weeks ago I had the realization it's a dive watch and not a GMT, it has a caller GMT function but is mostly a diver which a nice added feature聽

As far as value proposition, that's probably more personal. For me it has the perfect intersection of size, function, has painted indices which I value a lot, minimal dial text, and can be serviced almost anywhere if needed, also got a discount when I bought it聽

My wife has a Broadsword as well, great watches and haters gonna hate聽



I'm shocked there's no #gmt content yet [EDIT: apparently I still don't understand how to use this site...] I currently have a Bremont S302 and it has...
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