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NWA - Rolex DJ36

Got a message from my AD earlier this week offering me this DJ. It looked much better in person than it did online. it’s not the configuration I reque...
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Breitling Aviator 8 41mm

Came across this model with 20% off from Breitling directly. Anyone have any experience or info to share? I like the design and wondering what alterna...
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Can I ask about the Breitling Superocean

I randomly walked into the Breitling store yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how nice I thought this watch is. It’s a brand/watch I’ve hardly...
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WatchN commented on For sole purpose of value retention where would you put $100K ·

I’d buy a platinum Daytona. If the value drop then just wear it and enjoy! It’s a win win.

WatchN commented on Cartier Tank Must Small ·

It looks good! I’m sure the (medium) large would look good too. It’s the XL that I find too big.

Enjoy it.

WatchN commented on My first Cartier! ·

It’s a beautiful watch. I bought mine in Jan after tracking it for over a year. Managed to get a 20% discount from the AD through a member on WatchCrunch!

I’m not too fussed about the strap situation as I highly doubt I’ll ever take it off the bracelet.

WatchN commented on Ultimate GMT: which is your go to ·

Really? I can understand the Pepsi and Batman but this hasn’t raised an eyebrow for me. And I wear it pretty much everywhere.

WatchN commented on Ultimate GMT: which is your go to ·

My choice of GMT…

WatchN commented on Help! Stop Me from Buying this Watch! ·

That’s the sort of watch 30 years from now will look even prettier than it does today. Not many watches I think hit that note.

WatchN commented on Tudor’s teasing me!!! ·

You won’t regret it. I love this watch more than I thought I would.


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I know I’m probably alone, but… Why the hype around G-Shock??

I‘m not knocking the watches or anyone who likes and wears them. I just don’t get why they are so hyped. Yes they are tough and can take a beating. Bu...
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NWA and SOTC !

Okay I was gonna do 2 separate posts, but I’ll just make this one instead. I put up a poll recently between a Tank and Santos. Thank you to everyone w...
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Tank or Santos…

Okay so I’ve been swaying back and forth for far too long now. I was supposed to buy one for the New Year and 10 days in I’m still sitting here empty 😩 PLEASE don’t say just get the one you want becau...
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Just in time.. NWA

Called the AD on Thursday… collected today! I was as surprised as anyone because my current AD said it would take a few months before we saw one of th...
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Am I trolling?

Bored at work, scanning chrono24. Looking at a few Rolex models I’ve been keeping tabs on and started to ‘suggest a price’. 😏 So I offered way lower t...
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Nomos Tetra - Anybody have any experiences of this watch? Or Nomos in general?

Lately I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced watch I can wear to the office daily. I wanted something a bit different and quirky but not too left-...
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To Ranger or not to Ranger..

When this watch was first released it did nothing for me. At all. Yet I tried it on the other day just browsing in my AD and now I can’t stop thinking...
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