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Momentum Sea Quartz 30 open for pre-orders again

Not sure if this is helpful to anyone, and I have no relationship with the company, Just personally pre-ordered my own. The Sea Quartz 30 re-issue is...
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Timex week

Yesterday, I was looking in the place where I keep my more affordable watches, and was having a hard time deciding what to wear, and ultimately what I...
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Vaer C5 Tactical Field Review

This arrived at my door on Aug 5th 2022, I have worn it a fair amount since then. I received an email announcing the launch of this model, and somethi...

Vaer C5 Tactical Field

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UtahExplorer commented on From which part of this hobby do you experlience the most joy? ·

While I can and do appreciate all of the above, it's actually more of an appreciation for the mechanics, craftsmanship, and in some cases technology that goes into making a watch.

I like knowing that there is a tiny machine on my wrist. And all the different designs are amazing.

UtahExplorer commented on Day Light Savings ·

As a farmer, DST is a joke, the sun dictates the animals, and their cycles.

Changing actually causes more work adapting schedules an hour for the animals. The changeover can last a month as animals need to now adapt to the constraints of modern society. (Or farmers have to live an hour off everyone else, and that won't work well long term)

As an example: during the winter let's say a dinner with friends is planned for 6pm. The end of day for the animals is about 5pm -ish. They get fed at 4:30 or 5, and dinner plans are kept, all is well.

Changing for DST, same dinner plans. Now the end of day for the animals has jumped an hour to about 6pm -ish, and plans collide, friends don't understand, and changes have to be made, some animals cannot change eating habits that easily, so it takes a month to either transition them, or continue to try to adapt human plans around the new times that the animals need.

I want one time, I can make either regular or DST work, but the time change for farmers with livestock is a huge hassle.

I'll quit ranting now.

UtahExplorer commented on What’s going to be your next watch and why ·

I also did the pre-order for this watch, so I'll be waiting for a while before anything else comes in.

You are right, July now seems so far away...

UtahExplorer commented on The one you will never get to own. What is it? ·

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Everest Dual Time Limited Edition Titanium


I would love to own this, it's my unobtainable grail. But, I'll never own it, only 150 were made and they are selling way above the $31k MSRP that was at retail. Makes me a little bit sad, but I'm ok with it.

(Also I have come to terms with the fact that I am not going to spend that much on a watch, no matter my finances, just can't justify it, too many other things that take priority.)

UtahExplorer commented on Momentum Sea Quartz 30 open for pre-orders again ·

Not a huge Magnum P.I fan, more a fan of the era where the dive watch was still a tool, but innovation was driving changes, so the dive watch scene had a lot of interesting things going on.

I'm a fan of the Monnin style cases, and Omega, CWC, and others that created Mil spec watches in that era from roughly the same specifications.

I'm just drawn to the tool type watches with history attached to them.

UtahExplorer commented on Real beaters! ·

I don't baby most of my watches. Most of my polished watches are beginning to look brushed, and I have a bunch of plastic watches that are similar to the G-Shock.

They are tools. Beautiful, but tools.

UtahExplorer commented on Another day, another Duro 👊🏼 ·

I tried the too small strap thing a few times, the gap just drives me crazy. The Duro on a nato is a great combo though.

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RZE Valour 38, Whistler White Review

I received this watch a few days ago. I have been wearing it non-stop since its arrival. I had watched all the YT reviews and previews before committi...

RZE Valour 38

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Seiko SPB289 Mystic Forest Alpinist

I couldn't resist this one. I have been attracted to the 1959 Alpinist re-issues, and was just waiting for the right one. Something about the Ginza di...
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