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Trooper commented on San Martin 62mas Chrono ·

Too expensive for what it is.

Trooper commented on Taking some glamour photos to sell. ·

I don't want art photos, I want forensic photos. The more the better. I want closeups of  every surface as well as the movement if possible. i want the best possible info to make a decision and be happy with it. 

Trooper commented on Latest unboxing! ·


Trooper commented on TAG Heuer Link ·

 Almost no one is going to even notice it's a tag (or any other mfg either) If it makes you feel good when you look at it on your wrist, buy it!

Trooper commented on All about a Marlin.... ·

I heard that rumor too, they didn't want to pay royalties or something...I've yet to see one without the marlin thought. They're a good value at retail price.

Trooper commented on Tonight’s sleepytime watch ·

The watch is in focus, I'd call that a success!👍

Trooper commented on Watches of Formula 1 ·

I really liked the IWC in the Petronas colors this year.  I know a lot of the RM's in the paddock are on loan and drivers are required to wear them during post race pressers and at events just like their hats and sunglasses although the latter 2 are not usually loaners. I was glad to see Casio Edifice was back on the grid this year....