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Fidgeting with time

I’ve never gotten any of my 1963’s dialed in so good. We’ll see how long it holds….. The mason jar full of ice latte is my second addiction/obsession....

Todays wear & would make a cool dial

Timex Navi in green, and a shot of a nice shadow through a leaf this morning. I would get a dial with that color and pattern.

3 Watch days

Here’s todays 3 Watch pick for the day.

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I thought I lost one the other day, but after day 2 in natural light it started again. So happy, gonna have to keep it out of the drawer from now on.

commented on Fidgeting with time ·

Yep they’re $125-$180 Amazon. A few parameters to learn and the willingness to screw up a watch or two learning.

commented on "Wood you tell me the time..." ·

I have a different model from the same company. They’re so light you can’t even feel them and on a sidenote, keep up the good work brother. I’ve been clear headed since ‘93.

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P93 Riviera Epiphone custom.

commented on High voltage with the jet star ·

Looks like the inside of a Hurco machine. I’ve repaired many.

commented on Welcome to the Machine (Watch) ·

I don’t have the box but bracelet is steel large side links w/ connector links. The glass is mineral crystal , actuating lid glass is acrylic.

commented on Welcome to the Machine (Watch) ·

I bought this 25 years ago, X DATA quartz watch. Ha Ha I just found this a couple days ago thining out my stored items. Popped in a new battery, found the spare links, and now it’s in my collection.

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Today’s a 3 Watch day.

Shoot everyday is a 3 watch day.

Today it’s a smart watch……

CA-53W the only smart watch I wear. It has a calculator! That’s smart! When I was a teen I had the original. This is my 5th CA-53W. Casio keep making...

Root beer bottle-cap

Greetings from South Park Colorado today is the root beer bottle cap from Seiko put a nice little leather strap that matches the same brown as the dia...

It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile but back to look around and share some posts. Todays wear is a Casio GBD-200. 

Wrist check

This evening it’s the lume dial type B flieger style Islander. 

Variety? But not useful for the cabin trip….

Threw a watch role in my tools and gear bag but it turns out all I had in that watch roll was all my 1963‘s….. ooops wrong watch roll. My GPS Protek C...