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About a year ago i started thinking about getting a SINN 556I. I did some research and went to a dealer to check it out in person. Recently i stumbled...

2nd Smiths

Yesterday i got my second smiths watch in the mail - the smiths PRS 58 โ€žTravellerโ€œ. For a long time i was thinking about getting a GMT-watch. Not beca...

Great Customer Service from a Microbrand

Every now and then i read posts about microbrands and their mediocre customer service. So id like to share my story where the customer service was gre...

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commented on 2nd Smiths ยท

Did you get de white or black dial version?

commented on Which one is better for summer vibes? ยท

I would say the panerai because of the rubber-strap.

Have you ever thougth about changing the bracelet on the tudor for a nato? I think the tudor and as well the zenith would also make a great summer watch on rubber or nato-strap๐Ÿ˜

commented on Any good watch strap recommendations?? ยท


They make good affordable straps. From Nato-Straps to leather bands the have you covered.

commented on Which one would you choose? ยท

Iโ€˜m a fan of the GS. The dial ist just stunning. But I think you should wait for the call. If your initial plan was to get the explorer you should not substitute the goal/grail watch with another just because of availability.

commented on Hi Iโ€˜m (kind of) new here ยท


commented on Hi Iโ€˜m (kind of) new here ยท

both very cool watches! Iโ€˜m a big fan. In the near future there will be another dial version for the smiths everest. Kind of a waffle/karo dial. Saw it on IG looks awesome too!

Really like your watch as well๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

commented on Hi Iโ€˜m (kind of) new here ยท

Thank you for the encouragement. I will follow your advice๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

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Hi Iโ€˜m (kind of) new here

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