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Rolex Sea Dweller 43 has arrived!

My first Rolex! This is the Rolex Sea Dweller stainless steel in 43mm reference number 126600 introduced at BaselWorld in 2017 as a 50th Anniversary m...
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The Cartier Journey - 15 Year Anniversary Watch

Here鈥檚 the whirlwind story of how the latest watch in my collection made its way onto my wrist 馃榾 BACKSTORY: I have it in my head that my 鈥渋deal core w...
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What's Your Daily "Type" Of Watch?

I sport a chronograph watch as my daily, not because I need it, just because I prefer the looks of a busy dial. I'm curious to know what my fellow WatchCrunchers rock - share below!
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The_Timist commented on How much variety of watch sizes are there in your collection?

Great question! My collection spans watches between 42mm and 50mm 馃憤

The_Timist commented on Chrono?

Great post! Growing up as a kid, I always was fascinated with the busy dials that chrono watches had. They gave off this air of "I can do SO many things, I'm really useful!" so that really captured my attention. Then, actually diving in and understanding what each sub dial does, it became a little less magical, but I was still very much attracted to the busy-ness of it all.

I own 6 chronograph watches (some more dedicated than others, i.e. the #breitling Navitimer is more of a chrono watch than my #casio which has a chrono function amongst the other 7 things it can do haha!) but I've only really "properly" used them for their chrono functions on a handful of occasions, and even then I could have easily just used my phone.

I guess to wrap things up, it would be easier for me to say "Hey Siri, set a timer for 10 minutes" but in those instances if I'm wearing one of my chronos, I'll just activate it and check periodically 馃槣

The_Timist commented on Do you have a theme for your watch collection?

For the longest time I thought that my land (dress) watch was going to be the JLC Reverso, but after having tried it on I didn't really fall in love with it. Then I tried the Cartier Tank XL and it stole my heart. And so that's the dress/land watch that I'm thankful for being able to add it to my collection.

The last and hardest one to secure was the sea/diver - and after many, MANY months of first figuring out which one is "the one" and then actually saving up for it, and then actually securing the watch, it ended up being the Rolex Sea Dweller 43 with the red text ref. 126600.

...the problem now is that I want to add another watch to what WAS my 3 luxury watch collection of land/sea/air...and that is space 馃槀 so of course I want an Omega Speedmaster 馃

The_Timist commented on New color for Breitling Super Ocean

#Breitling has been crushing it for the past few years! Cobra yellow dial is pretty iconic too, I'm excited to see this in real life 馃憤

The_Timist commented on Do you have a theme for your watch collection?

Very cool themed collection!

My watch collection didn't start out with a theme in mind. Mind you I was 15 years old when I got my first real watch, but I did get hyper impressed with titanium as a material. So of course the next 3 watch purchases I made over the years were all titanium (Casio Pro Trek Triple Sensor, Citizen Promaster JDM, and Citizen Altichron) but that all changed when I purchased my grail watch, the Breitling Navitimer in steel. THAT purchase gave way to an idea, specifically "my luxury 3 watch collection representing land (dress) sea (diver) and air (aviation chronograph) timepieces."

So in short, it didn't start out as a themed endeavor, but as I grew more into watches (and had a larger income) a theme made it more fun as it required research to figure out which perfect watch could fill that dedicated slot in my watch box 馃榾

The_Timist commented on SF BAY AREA! Y鈥檃ll missed out!! Meet up photos!!

Looks like some fun was had! That E39 BMW (I want to say...540i M Sport?) looks mean! Love the watch box beauties as well! That #Breitling is especially gorgeous!

The_Timist commented on The Cartier Journey - 15 Year Anniversary Watch

Thanks so much 馃 believe me I鈥檓 not a very disciplined man, So that restraint I exhibited was most definitely OUT of the ordinary 馃槃 thanks for the kind words!

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