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Strap Giveaway

Two FKM rubber hybrid straps will be given away this weekend! Jump in on it!
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A review on some cool watch straps...

Some lesser know, an exotic, and some standard straps for review. And I will do a giveaway of a couple very soon.
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MAEN Manhattan 37 review

If you were thinking Tissot, maybe put this on the option list as well.
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TheWatchMission commented on MAEN Manhattan 37 review ·

If you have said this multiple times and nobody is listening, is it possible that it does matter to other people and your opinion isn’t something you should yell at people about?…regrading a watch…we’re not talking politics or gun control. Relax. It‘a just a measurement. It’s ok. 

TheWatchMission commented on Advice: first major watch purchase ·

The Longines would really keep my interest. so much to look at but it never looks too busy.  I like the BB but dont forget to consider the Pelegos too

TheWatchMission commented on Looking for a good watch (on a budget) ·

I've reviewed hundreds of watches, and although this will be an unpopular suggestion....if your budget is under $200, then I would look at some of the highly praised watches from China that could hold you over.  Some suggestions are Addiesdive, Steeldive, Pagani, Berny...etc.  The quality is good, and i dont mean good for under $200, I mean good for under $500.

TheWatchMission commented on Best Watch for My 10yo Daughter? ·

FlickFlack or Blok...both are awesome...

TheWatchMission commented on Underrated watch brand? ·

So many but i will say Zelos and Shoreham.  I am a microbrand freak and these guys give you so much for the money.  Very solid builds.  

On the more mainstream name brand side I would say Longines and Carl F Bucherer

TheWatchMission commented on Oil filling today ·
TheWatchMission commented on Oil filling today ·

It can if you have a domed crystal. The glycine is flat but still looks good. If you go check out my Instagram story you will see the difference in oil filled vs standard in a video

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Dufrane Dress Watch

A great buy just at $500!
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I'm giving this away tomorrow..enter quick!

Giving away this pretty cool Pagani on my channel tomorrow.
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Impressed by Pagani, I can't deny it.

Check out this Pagani Speed Date. It is really hard to find fault, but at this price, it is outstanding!
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Don’t forget to enter for my Helm Giveaway!

Check out the video here! I’m having WatchChris giveaway my brand new Helm on his WhatNot stream that’s going live very soon! The video explains how t...
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Tonight at 8:05, win an About Vintage

Not only am I selling some cool watches at really good starting prices, i am also giving away a brand new About Vintage!
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My Helm on WatchChris

Make sure you watch for a chance to win!
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HELM MIYAKO Dive Watch Review ...and GIVEAWAY!

Awesome dive watch, I’ll give it away just before Christmas!
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