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Seiko build

So here is my skyblue dial Seiko build. What do you think? With Seiko NH35A movement. This build is bought and you can follow/contact him on Instagram...
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My trio from Seiko.

So I finally got my Seiko SNK063J5 with the Arabic/Indian numerals. And I am really happy with my trio and they are all special in their own way. In t...
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What model is this?

So found this watch and wondered what model it is... I couldn't find any ref number for this particular watch. It looks cool, but won't buy anything i...
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TheOka commented on The best Seiko 5 ·

That one was the first automatic watch I ever bought. I still have it and absolutely love wearing it!

TheOka commented on First mechanical watch! ·

I have for some time tried to find a couple of alternatives to get from Hamilton and this one is for sure one I could consider. What model/ref is this? 

TheOka commented on Are Hamilton Smashing It Right Now? ·

I have considered for some time now to buy my first Hamilton. And I have seen a lot of good reviews, so I am probably gonna get one soon in the khaki collection.

TheOka commented on Bought a new watch!! ·
(Image failed to load!)

@NeatlydoneZ  Incredibly difficult to get a photo without glare on the crystal, but here's a clearer picture.

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H.Moser and their special lineup of watches.

So what's your take on this H.Moser minimalistic lineup? I am not sure how to feel about these simple dials and the overall look of them, but I also l...
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Where do you buy your watches?

So curious where people buy their watches. I would like to hear some good and trustworthy websites where I could find both new and used watches to add...
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Bought a new watch!!

SO I bought finally an addition to my collection. This one is an Orient Star Mechanical Contemporary ref. RE-AU0004B00B. And of course, I had to take...
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