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Vaer A5 Tactical Field - 40mm

Beautiful watch by the people over at Vaer. Lume is incredible and the watch is slick on the wrist ( don't know my wrist size). May throw a nato strap...
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Rainy day today, perfect to finally receive my W.O.R. A A17A homage. Watches of remembrance is a small shop based out of England, with lots of beautif...
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Day off

Took the day off today to recover from working some real candle-burning hours. Time with the family got a haircut and caught up with the grandma-in-la...
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ThatDonZeus commented on W.oR ·

I’ll need to look more into this, I have been wanting to get my hands on a reliable Bulova

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Thank you, John

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Well said !

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  1. Looking at a Timex Men's Expedition Ranger Solar “tw4b15100”, with the NATO “no time to die” bond strap from Barkandjack,

  2. super comfy and light, great all year around

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Red, white and blue

Same automatic as before, changed the strap. Fit for a Monday, automatiac looking clean. “A proud man is always looking down on things and people; of...
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First watch

The first watch I was gifted, started it all. My commander, I deployed with. Recently he took a new command and left my company. Leaving he made time...
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One of many firsts

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