Just got a call

Just got a call about a Blue DJ 41 smooth oyster, wondering if anyone has one before I go in and what their thoughts are on it ? 


No experience with the 41, I had a DJ36 1601.  But I didn't wear it much, so I sold it.  You better grab that watch while you can.


I dont have any experience with the blue DJ 41 smooth bezel, but I bought a DJ 36mm blue dial smooth bezel (ref 126200) 2 years ago. For me the 36 with smooth bezel is just right as a simple night/ dress watch. 

For me, the 41mm with smooth bezel looks kind of empty. Somehow it gives me the look of when my dive watch has its outer bezel removed. Aesthetically i feel it would be much nicer with a fluted bezel, but this is just a personal taste. Still, congrats on getting the call!