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Stevenrharris ·

Hermes H08

Hey everyone, I remember the Hermes H08 being launched with a big splash last year and I thought it looked lovely but it seems to have just disappeare...
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Stevenrharris ·

Collection so far, where to go next ?

Hey all so got to this point with my collection, happy so far but not sure where to go next or whether to pause for a bit and wait to see how the mark...
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Stevenrharris ·

Update: Got the call, then got the watch!

Decided to go for it on the DJ41 and I've got to say it's a beauty, my first Rolex so extra special
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Stevenrharris commented on Out of these 3 which one you guys think is the best? ·

My personal pick would be for the BB GMT but you need to try it on because that thing is THICC 

Stevenrharris commented on Henry Golding actually has a legit collection! ·

He literally has my ideal collection, and he's slightly....🤥 Better looking than me...some people get all the luck 

Stevenrharris commented on USNA Bremont MBIII ·

Do you have to commit to a certain volume in order to create a special edition ? Like could a group of friends do it ?

Stevenrharris commented on Getting started with mechanical watches ·

Hamilton is lovely ! 

Stevenrharris commented on Where is the moonswatch crazyness gone ? ·

Yeah I’d say if they only had a few hundred per country and its gonna take a long time to get more then the hype will dissipate, I’ll get one when they’re in stock but I’m not rushing to pay extra from scalpers  

Stevenrharris commented on What’s your dream watch? ·

Going to throw out one I saw in the flesh last week and can't get out of my head, the Bremont Longitude in the white gold, way out of budget for me currently and only 75 made in the white gold, but represents as far as British watchmaking has got in 50 years and I think that's a great achievement 

Stevenrharris commented on Would you make the trade? ·

I love that chronoscope, but obviously down to your personal tastes! I’ve not looked at many grand seiko watches but the dials are so pretty

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Stevenrharris ·

Just got a call

Just got a call about a Blue DJ 41 smooth oyster, wondering if anyone has one before I go in and what their thoughts are on it ?
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Stevenrharris ·

Micro m...Thursdays

Just got my Brew Metric through got to say very impressed !
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Stevenrharris ·

Brew Metric

Just ordered one of these did anyone have the original or is anyone getting the new ones ?
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Stevenrharris ·

Sunday Reading

Just having a flick through this! Love the watch photography !
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Stevenrharris ·


Hey all, has anyone bought a Habring2 I love the look of them and the story behind them !
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Stevenrharris ·

Cartier Tank Must XL Strap

Hey everyone, I've been looking at the 2021 Tank Must XL but I really want a tan strap for it rather than the black, has anyone got any suggestions of...
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Stevenrharris ·

Loving my BB58 925

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