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Stephme ·

How many months of salary do you consider affordable ?

I'm specifically talking in months of salary, irrelevant of what your salary is, because if someone earns 1k a month his affordable might be 3 months...
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Stephme ·

Bronze watches

Hi all, as I'm hoping to get back to work soon I can think about buying again, and I was thinking of a bronze case watch. See I like the idea of a wat...
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Stephme ·

Rekindled the love with an unloved piece

Some of you might have seen a couple days ago that I posted about this watch. For those who didn't, I bought this citizen eco drive back in February 2...
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Stephme commented on The One Watch Challenge: Why are you in or out? ·

I'm in it to push myself to see how I can fight my impulses, I want to wear something else every damn day that I wake up, but I still pick up the same watch. I would say overall it's quite good since I took a while to carefully choose my next buys instead of just rushing into the "me likey" mindset that I used to have before. I still make terrible financial decisions but a little less terrible than before. 

Stephme commented on Diver on Leather ·

I personally shower and sleep with my watches often, basically they get wet more than they sometimes should, so for me, leather is reserved to days where I know I won't need to do some sweaty activities or wet the watch. But I know some people, like you, or my boss, that really like leather on a diver and that's fine too. 

Stephme commented on What is your domain expertise? ·

I'm freelance so I work with whoever is willing, I'd like to work for AMR someday. The AMG is my car from last season, which I'm not working on this year (disagreement with the team director), and the Porsche is from the 24h Le Mans museum. This year I'm working racing school, funcup and JS2R because I missed the first races so my season is basically fucked. It's a difficult industry to operate in, hopefully better luck for 2023.

Stephme commented on What is your domain expertise? ·

Between B and C I guess? Motorsport mechanic, I haven't touched a road car besides my own in a little while

Stephme commented on One Watch Challenge: Sweet Sixteen ·

I, for one, really like my hockey puck, but I can't deny that I am getting sick of it, I just ordered new watches today and I won't even get to wear them! 

Stephme commented on Bronze Watches! Do You Like Them? ·

I really like them and the patina and would like to own one, was eyeing one in fact, but now I'm thinking that because I sweat a lot it might not be the best idea and that's a little sad. 

Stephme commented on Poll: How Many Wristwatches Do You Have/1WC ·

I chose what I feel is the most durable and do-it-all watch I have out of 40, and it has been difficult as I just want to grab something else out of the boxes but I just have to resist. 

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Stephme ·

Latest acquisitions

Got them both today, DW5600, bought another case and bracelet for it which I'm waiting for. And a small Seiko, V789-5060, scratches the Cartier tank i...
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Stephme ·

Latest acquisition, Vostok dressy model

So this is the latest watch I got, little Vostok I bought last month, it's on the small side but it's different and the dark blue dial looks very nice...
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Stephme ·

Watch modding frustration

After breaking a bezel and case trying to replace a bezel insert, I bought a new case to put my movement/dial/hands in, I just managed to put the stem...
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