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6.30” / 16.00 cm Wrist
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Favourite vintage watch?

Is there a particular series of watches that you particularly admire, and therefore have a whole bunch of? Among all my watches, I like my Citizen Sev...

Thoughts on IWC?

I’ve got on my Mark XVIII today, and would like to ask Crunchers here a question about the brand. I’ve always thought the brand has the whole dressy s...

Keep em, sweep em?

Today’s topic is one that vintage watch owners come across a lot when adding new ones to the collection. When there are slight… damages… to the watch...

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commented on Favourite vintage watch? ·

Goodness Marko that’s a pretty impressive lineage! Very cool watches!

commented on Someone kindly gifts you your dream watch but there’s a catch. ·

I’d take the watch and sell all my watches for $1 million each. Might take awhile to move them though…

commented on Seikoporean's WRUW ·

Thank you! I’m a sucker for the Seaforth, and that’s only the fixed bezel version :)

commented on Show me your best dials… ·

Can’t go wrong with the 6138-8020. The panda is the iconic vintage chronograph. Others World include the Pogue, or even the dressier options for Grand Seiko and the 44 King Seikos.

commented on Show me your best dials… ·

It’s gonna be awesome!

commented on Show me your best dials… ·

I’m a sucker for vintage dials. They come in all forms - patina, NOS, damaged, sun burnt etc… but what’s awesome is that every watch is its own look :)

commented on Baltic & the Vintage vibes ·

I’m a fan. Got myself the bronze with blue dial and after looking at how well yours fits the beads of rice bracelet, am sad that getting one in bronze would be next to impossible and practical unless I want my wrists to turn green. 😅

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What’s your first dream vintage watch?

When I first started collecting vintage there was a watch that I reallyyyy wanted to get my hands on. It was at legend status and I kept hunting for o...

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Vintage watches anyone?

Don’t see a lot of posts on vintage watches here, so I reckon I do a shout out :) I started my collection with vintage watches (bought a bag of Seikos...

Triple Calendar Moonphase Chronographs

Here’s my trio of goodness - I am a big fan of moonphase watches, even more so if they come with triple calendar and chronographs!

A watch with significance

Had the chance to take this off a collector friend who got me started in serious vintage collecting. It’s something out of my budget but he was kind e...

Not sold watches on Chrono24 before. How’s everyone’s experience selling?

Would appreciate any advice for someone whose collection is bursting at its seam and needs a serious consolidation please.
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