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Sapphire and stainless-steel

The popular Casio mod, with domed sapphire crystal and steel bracelet

Bogus Breitling

Someone dropped this off at the "lost and found" of my workplace. 聽Such a strange fake to wear. 聽

Berny Compressor Watch Strap

How do you change a strap with this type of screw?聽 When rotating counter-clockwise, both sides will turn If one end is held in place the screw will n...

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commented on Seakoo's WRUW

Sometimes we tend to take for granted just how complex the machine on our wrists are; capable of keeping accurate time within a few seconds every year

commented on Berny Compressor Watch Strap

Glad you were successful. 聽Any chance you could share a photo/clip of the process?聽

commented on Berny Compressor Watch Strap

I plan on taking it to a local watch shop to change out the strap and see what tools/method they use. 聽Haven't been able to get anything done on it with two standard micro flatheads.聽

commented on Berny Compressor Watch Strap

Thank you for the tips. 聽I don't think force is the problem; the only reason I can see is that the screws are very tight and/or my screw drivers are too small聽