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39mm Escapement Time 300m Quartz

I stumbled across this little beauty on Ali, and for those wanting a tough pick up and go do anything quartz on a budget I recommend one, I am fond of...

New purchase Proxima PX1703

I have been wearing this for a week or so, purchased in the Ali sale, I got it for a good price and wanted to just recommend them, I think it's a pret...

Recent purchase could divide the group

SH Enamel Automatic Diving Watch, PT5000 movement, I like it, some might think a step too far, not sure what CW would think, feels well made, looks go...

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I have dabbled with Kinetic tech watches in the past, I remember being blown away with Seiko's Kinetic Auto-Relay watches when they first came out and I had to get one, an awesome feature watching the hands move round to the correct time, also got a few going again with an old electric toothbrush charger (yes it does work)

Bit of a pain to own as you really got to keep them moving for any long term or they will die so I don't bother with them now.

commented on What does my collection say about me? ·

Hmm, I think your someone who likes and enjoys many watches but does not have enough storage for all of them.

commented on What's your favorite titanium field/explorer watch? ·



How could I forget my Citizen it's awesome!

commented on Quartz field watch with sapphire around 50$ ·


commented on What's your favorite titanium field/explorer watch? ·

These all look great watches, I don't have the same models but I have an RZE Aspirare which is excellent and a Hamilton Khaki manual wind, also excellent, I might be tempted to give Formex a go personally but I have a Baltany with a similar blasted case (no4 )which is more in the cheap seats but is still an excellent watch, damn I'm stumped.... sorry!

commented on Big question, Digital or Mechanical? ·

Having to charge up a wrist computer along with your phone is just another bother you don't really need, just get a watch any watch, personally I would like a Boldr watch but not that one with an internal bezel, but that's just me.

commented on New purchase Proxima PX1703 ·

Yes, I saw this came out just after I had bought mine, looks pretty cool, I guess I might have gone for this models looks but I did get the white dial one at a very good price.

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New Citizen Promaster tough BN0241-59H

Had this for a few weeks now so I thought I'd give a short account of my feelings about it, Having owned a couple of earlier models, I knew when I fir...

Incoming ! New Citizen Promaster tough BN0241-59H

I have high hopes for this beastie when it arrives, I have owned a couple of their earlier models in the past but they did eventually get moved on, I...

My first bronze purchase

Latest purchase a bronze Steeldive 62Mas homage green dial, Changed the Nato it came on to a soft silicon rubber which feels comfortable, overall plea...

A Seiko question

Hi, does anybody know of ANY Seiko model out there that has a Sapphire lens and a screw-down crown but without a divers bezel?, I'm not talking mods I...

Baltany boy!

Just received my latest Baltany the S2049 that makes Four of them in my collection Oops 🙄

Best watch for least money award goes to Tandorio

Ok just had to shout about this little 36mm watch in case anybody needs a heads up or has not seen it yet, available for around 30 pounds on Aliexpres...