One of not many - possibly a unique piece?

A 1973 white gold, hand-beaten Florentine work on the bezel, teardrop lugs, linen dial, ultra-thin (7.3mm) automatic, JLC-derived calibre 1121 (as used in the original Nautilus, Royal Oak and 222). It has a number of bespoke elements that mark it out as either a unique piece or certainly one of a very limited run. The hand beaten bezel makes it one off in any event. The linen dial is pretty rare too. Keeping good time, although I'm going let VC give it the once over so it's good for another few years.


Wow! You can tell the quality even for such an old piece! Beautiful!


Thanks for sharing

My first time seeing this model. It's unique, indeed.

It is marked with a model number that usually has more rounded integrated lugs as a tonneau, but the case here has been adapted to have the classic teardrops. It has both Swiss hallmarks and English import hallmarks. VC have confirmed its all their own work etc. It does suggest it's likely to be a one off special order.