Breguet 5207 - do you know the trick to setting it?

Breguet 5207 in white gold bought new back in 2006. Sadly they seem to have discontinued this model a couple of years ago but it still entrances me. There鈥檚 a knack to setting the time with this one linked to the engagement of the gears of the retrograde seconds but once you get it it is supremely accurate; +/- 1 or 2 seconds and you can regulate it easily by which orientation you leave it in overnight to compensate. Have gone well over two weeks without having to adjust the time.

Breguet makes best classic looking watches imo. Great masterpiece on your hand 馃槏 Reminds me of Daniel Roth creations (which kinda makes sense as he worked a lot for Breguet). What is scale going to 65? Is it power reserve ?

Yes, power reserve.

That is gorgeous!

Cheers. It was the subtle dial asymmetry that hooked me first. Then you have the retrograde seconds doing their thing. It鈥檚 a complicated mechanism and there鈥檚 a reason you don鈥檛 find these out in the wild very much. Once you realise the mechanism involved and the 鈥渢rick鈥 to setting it you can set the seconds perfectly and still to this day it鈥檚 the most accurate watch I own.

We are talking holding the mechanism at a slight back pressure when only extremely lightly wound to get synchronicity and then knowing the way in which the retrograde mechanism meshes with the gear train to release it at the correct point.