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Citizen Eco Drive Blue Angels edition today

I'm wearing my Citizen today

My favorite watch

This watch was my great grandmother's that I unfortunately never got the opportunity to meet, my grandpa started wearing it after she passed away, it...

A true lifesaver

I got this Casio CA53W-1 Data Bank back in July I believe it was. It has been through lots, as hot as 120⁰ F (48⁰ C), as cold as -20⁰ F (-28⁰ C), and...

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commented on RandomAlaskanKid16622's WRUW ·

By a longshot

commented on Son of …. ·

I get it, I live in Alaska, I just wear whatever and hope it's gonna be fine 😂

commented on Let’s Play a Game of Match the Watch or Bust! 🤪 ·
commented on If you had to chose JUST ONE WATCH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! ·

Probably my great grandmother's old watch that my grandpa started wearing after she passed away, now I wear it after he has passed away.

commented on What’s your favorite quartz beater under or around $250? ·

Either my Data Bank or my W-217H

commented on My favorite watch ·

Thanks for the help!

commented on My favorite watch ·

Ive been putting it off, considering I don't wear it that often, but you're right, I'm gonna have to suck it up and buy a new one 😂

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Citizen Christmas watch

My family got me this Citizen Eco-Drive AT8020-54L for Christmas, it automatically sets to the nearest time zone once you move over to another time zo...

A watch well used

I've had my Casio W-217H for close to a year now, and as you can tell, it's been well worn, I'm by no means a watch abuser, but this watch became my b...

Which watch should I buy?

It's time for me to get a new watch, which one should I order in you guys' opinion?
56 votes ·

How should I travel with watches without a watch box?

I’m going on a trip soon and I don’t have a watch box, so how can I keep my watches safe in my suitcase without a watch box?

What is the coldest you’ll wear an automatic watch?

I know it’s almost summer, but I just got my 1st automatic and I live in an extremely cold climate, so I want to know if it’ll just be a summer watch.
31 votes ·

Seiko in the wild

I love just sitting at this little pond enjoying the weather, and my watch.