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First Watch and First Inspiration

Back in 2004 my dad got this Omega on a family vacation down in the Bahamas. I always loved the tropical blue the dial emitted. 4 years later, same pl...
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Hot Take: Quality and Price Don’t Equate

Went into my AD today to pick up my fiancées wedding ring. My AD says he wants to show me what someone dropped off today. He pulls this Starbucks out....
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Does similar build quality in brands justify increases ?

I was comparing my blue Bond seamaster from 2007 the other day against my dads brand new green seamaster and it made me wonder: If build quality of th...
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QuietManClass commented on Hot Take: Quality and Price Don’t Equate ·

Great discussion on here everyone! Update: I went back to that AD yesterday to pick up an appraisal and they said some guy came in, paid 17k cash for the Starbucks then bounced. It’s not worth that price. Not even the 11k at retail. People just want the name. I was told the buyer was a big Rolex guy. I guess he cares more about the name than the quality of what he was getting. Whatever makes people happy then go for it and it you want to seriously overpay for something just cause you want a crown logo on your wrist and feel like a king or queen then more power to you. Like I said in this original post, I respect the brand but no way the stainless steel models at least are worth five figures. 4k-6k tops.

QuietManClass commented on Does similar build quality in brands justify increases ? ·

If a watch has a precious metal in it I could see that, but anything in stainless steel doesn't make sense to me why prices would increase so much. Inflation definitely a factor lol

QuietManClass commented on The Ultimate Divers Watch Under USD$2000 ·

Late 90s- early 2000s. Omega Seamaster can be had in both Quartz and auto for under $3k. Even the Bond Seamasters of that era can be found for under 3. The sword hand models like this come in the black and electric blue. Known as “Peter Blake” models after famed oceanographer and yachtsman. The build quality of these are just as good (and I think even better) than modern omegas. Total steal!

QuietManClass commented on Grail watch under 10K ·

I have two out of my 3 grails already: Casino Royale Bond Seamaster and the electric blue Peter Blake Seamaster. Last one would be the OG Tudor Black Bay 58. Love the 1950s Tudor/Rolex Sub vibes. Being a big fan of the early Bond movies helped too.

QuietManClass commented on Which is more cost effective in terms of service? ·

Last time I took my 2221.80 in they changed the battery and did a pressure test. They never said anything was wrong so I didn’t ask if I needed the seals changed. 

QuietManClass commented on What watch do you wear to work? ·

I rotate between my Hamilton Khaki Field and two Omega Seamasters. I usually have the weekends for my Seiko 5 and Invicta divers for super casual wear.

QuietManClass commented on Omega Seamaster 2254.50 looks great on black leather! ·

my grail and my first luxury watch is the Blue Bond. I went with the the Casino Royale version. Got engaged and bought this one. Love the designs on these. Bond is the dress watch and this is the every day every situation daily. Omega should really consider bringing these designs back or at least the thinner cases.

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What is your collecting philosophy?

Do you collect anything and everything you see and like? Do you only collect what you consider grail pieces? Do you check the boxes (Chrono, driver, f...
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Which is more cost effective in terms of service?

A friend and I were having a discussion about better cost effective watch servicing options between a quartz and co axial Omega . I have a quartz seamaster and he has a co axial seamaster. Both of us...
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Tudor vs Omega: Build Quality. Which is better?

I’m in the market for a BB58. I went to try one on wearing my Seamaster and I was underwhelmed when I put it on. I don’t know if this was because of m...
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How do I read this pressure test read out?

I have had a few divers for a couple years now. Took one for a service battery change a few years ago (Quartz Seamaster). This was the read out. I hav...
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Luxury Quartz vs Mechanical

I was having a discussion with a watch dealer the other day. We we’re having a what if conversation. We were talking about if the same watch was made...
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