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Anyone ever sell a watch because of a life expense or a revelation?

Have anyone here sold a watch due to an unexpected life expense? Such as leaky roof, new car parts, kids braces etc. Even if it was a piece you absolu...

Hot Take: Had Quartz been invented 100 years ago, every major brand would鈥檝e switched to it almost exclusively.

In terms of efficiency and durability we know Quartz is the best. Had Quartz been invented in say 1924, all the top brands would鈥檝e seen how cheap pro...

Link Thickness?

A topic I never see around is link thickness. There鈥檚 case thickness which we all know but I feel link thickness also adds to comfort and weight. Anyo...

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commented on Link Thickness?

I think I misspoke. I meant I like thinner link thickness. I HATE those think and chunky links. Adds to weight and takes away from comfort and elegance imo.

commented on Tudor BB58 Question

I have this BB58. Everything about it is fantastic. Personally, I think the T fit is overrated. The bracelet on the OG 58 is very comfortable and durable. When your wrist warms up a bit it fits perfectly. Prices are also under 3k on secondary market. Totally worth it.

commented on I RUINED my new Longines trying to compete with Tudor

My guess is have Longines go after Tudor to keep Tudor off Omega. Swatch Group doing all they can I鈥檓 sure.

commented on I RUINED my new Longines trying to compete with Tudor

My local Longines AD told me that Longines is now only going into stores that already carry Tudor. That he couldn鈥檛 be a Longines AD if he tried to today. Longines definitely wants to take out Tudor.

commented on Do you adjust your bracelet on your watches for winter and summer?

I live like it鈥檚 2005. Wear them ever so loose so it fits when it鈥檚 warm and might slide a bit if cold but once I warm up I鈥檓 fine. On the fly adjust doesn鈥檛 do anything for me but I鈥檓 sure playing with it all day is fun.

commented on The one you really want

I have a bond seamaster and electric blue. I had one of these and sold it. I told myself I鈥檓 done because I got the last 2 I wanted. A BB58 and a specific aquaracer but I think I鈥檓 going to rebuy this at some point. It鈥檚 so veristile and more rugged dial than the 58 and a more dressy and just as rugged bracelet.

commented on Done. Buy what you like.

I think the Bond bracelet is definitely heavier based on the bracelet type and it not being tapered. The Bond clasp is also wider for sure. Those are the only differences in terms of weight. Electric blue has stainless bezel which should be heavier than aluminum of the Bond. But logistically Bond I think is heavier from bracelet alone

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Where can I buy this book? Is it out of print?

Sea Time: Watches Inspired by Sailing, Yachting and Diving by Aaron Sigmond and Mark Bernardo The info I have seen on it looks amazing. Great pictures...

Daily Drivers: Do you have one or a few?

Iv been rotating through my Tudor, Tag and Omega on the week days. Tudor 2-3x a week. Anyone else have a few watches that just sit in the box while on...

Fifty Fathoms Swatch is Upon Us!

Heard there might be a new Swatch collab with BlancPain. This was recently shown in a German magazine. The crown on this is similar to the Moonswatch...

Done. Buy what you like.

I did a post a few days ago showing the last two I added. Tag and Tudor. Here鈥檚 everything. Every watch has personal meaning, historical meaning, or w...

Got the last 2. Done.

Got my Masters and got married this year. Told myself the time to get my last grail, the BB58, was now before if I waited and it would be financially...

Watch Tiers: My Criteria. What鈥檚 yours?

I know this might be controversial but I do believe that watch tiers exist and that there鈥檚 a reason for it. My criteria is 1. Brand History/Prestige....