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Do you long for a watch that does not exist?

Yesterday Frederico from ‘Frederico talks watches’ accidentally described a 2016 Sinn 556 Limited Edition with rhodium dial has having tegimented stee...
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PierreJean commented on Headed to London ·

You should be fine then. Don’t post your whereabouts and watch collection on social media. Keep long sleeves, don’t get shitface wearing your IWC… just act sensible

PierreJean commented on Case size 34mm too small for a man? ·

You’re the same built as me then so yes, 34mm sport watch is too small. I tried a 34mm oyster perpetual once at an AD and it felt ridiculously small. Even the 36mm OP I owned for a few years always felt on the small side. 38-40mm is the sweet spot

I am specifically talking sport watches here, I have a 34mm dress watch that is just perfect.

PierreJean commented on Do you long for a watch that does not exist? ·

That last picture is gorgeous!

PierreJean commented on Do you long for a watch that does not exist? ·

I saw a GS GMT SBGJ255 with a white dial recently. Beautiful case, gorgeous dial, mesmerizing movement but that bracelet had more stretch that my auntie’s panties. GS bracelets are a deal breaker for me at the moment.

PierreJean commented on Bulova Thoughs ·

Part of me is thinking ‘What was your family thinking buying this watch as a gift!’ The other part is thinking ‘I would love to be gifted a watch like that because I would never buy it myself but would love wearing it on occasion’

PierreJean commented on Unloved... ·

You did a fantastic job. Great risk taking that paid out handsomely!

PierreJean commented on What was your first mechanical watch? ·

Seiko SARB017 aka the Alpinist with the green sunburst dial. That was in 2016(ish). I had many watches coming in and out but this one never left and never will