New arrival

Ordered this little beauty to my specification. Instead of the usual two to three month wait it arrived in 10 days!!! Been a very long time since I've experienced service like that. Well done Laco!


Beautiful watch!

It's beautiful - what a stunna!

I was just hours ago holding my recently purchased blue Mark XX next to my black Laco Augsburg, and thought: no way does one replace the other. They complement each other, and each has their place in the collection.

Laco has the looks, the history, and pretty good accuracy (plus 7 secs per day on mine). I can't think of a brand that is as much of a bargain at current prices. Congratulations. I was going to say I hope you enjoy it, but I don't doubt that you will!

Nice! That is a beauty for sure. Laco does such a great job 馃憦