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8.00” / 20.32 cm Wrist
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Watch out everyone!! There's an addition to my hoard!

🚨🚨NWA🚨🚨 I just pick this little guy up today! I couldn't pass up on this offer. What a little stunner. At least I think it is! It's an SPC131. I w...

The Stig wears a Bremont?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that The Stig, Mr. Ben Collins himself, wears a Bremont? The videos are much clearer. Since it's car related vi...

Adapt, overcome, improvise. No watch roll, no problem.

As I'm leaving today for a roadtrip with my Missus, I realized (nah, I knew) I didn't have anything to carry my watches. No roll, no case, no problem....

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commented on Spring bars recommendations in Canada? ·

To be fair, with the temperature we've had in the Montreal area, it sure feels like spring is here already. And most definitely, that winter didn't come this year.

commented on What do you consider to be “Affordable” Luxury ·

Apparently, Filipo Loretti is affordable luxury. They say so in their advertising so it must be true. 🤷

Luxury is different things to different people. If someone is struggling to get by and saves money to buy a $50 watch. To this person, a $50 watch is luxury.

I strongly recommend having a look at @UnholiestJedi's take on it. Click the link and get back here with your opinion.

commented on Need more wrists ·

I've always said it's an untapped area. Two wrists , two ankles. That's 4 watches total. A minimum of 4 different time zones you can track. Now you can't miss anything anywhere.

commented on What is your favorite looking watch dial from your collection? Mine is the 30th anniversary limited edition Seiko SPLO55P1. It's 40mm, I love the details. How about you? ·

This guy -


There are just too many little details to attract your attention. The blue hands shine wild in bright light. The glossy dial looks like enamel. I really enjoy this one.

commented on I think I've found my daily diver ·

It reminds me of a 62Mas but I'm not ready or willing to spend that kind of money on a watch. I think this is an excellent value for money. And just look at it!

commented on I think I've found my daily diver ·

Unfortunately, I had to add to my list of wants. It is absolutely gorgeous in any of the color options. I torn between this yellow one and the blue. It's a seriously pretty watch.

Congrats on the acquisition!

commented on Wearing your watches ·

I love peer pressure!

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How do you describe WatchCrunch to someone?

🚨🚨NWA🚨🚨 Before everyone gets too excited, it's not mine. While we paid for Missus Paragon's new watch, I started talking about WatchCrunch to the...


One more. I need one more! Somebody? Anybody? Here's a classic. Maybe someone will know where it's from. A bear and a rabbit are taking a shit in the...

What is the real cost of a watch?

Has anyone ever thought about the real cost of a watch? Talking about shipping costs

Part of the Club

I finally made it! I'm now part of the Duro club. I saw a deal and I couldn't pass it up. Y'all will never guess how much I paid for my Duro. Partly b...

I see what you did there!

@MWC2020 just released his latest review on the newest Zero West. The date printed on the dial is today!! Only a few years late. 17-05-1943 Have fun w...

Trip down Memory Lane.

On this dark rainy mid-week day, when recycling bins are having a proper race down the street, what else is better than sorting through that one drawe...