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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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It's midweek, anyone else drinking?

Just asking for a friend.

Bond on the beach part II

Why go and hide somewhere in the West Indies? What more could you want than sun, sea, sand, a curiously English beach hut/shed and a bracing breeze to...

12 at 3! How odd.

So here's my slightly scruffy 1960's Omega Chronostop Driver. Now the reason it is scruffy, apart from its age, is it's designed to worn under wrist i...

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commented on Watch strap ·

As someone who is always chopping and changing straps I can say that there are some great aftermarket straps and bracelets out there. From little independent makers to the large, been around for years, companies. It all depends what you are looking for. Things can get a bit trickier if you're looking for a tailored end piece on a bracelet. Take Uncle straps for example. Well respected and affordable but limited in the watches/brands that they fit.

commented on What was your first Speed Master? ·

Hesalite model from 2017 was the first then came

commented on Paladin67's WRUW ·

If you get a chance, try one on. Being square gives a really short lug length, which allows the strap to drop off sharply if need be. Cost wise, I picked up mine second hand in a private sale. They are out there. Happy hunting.

commented on OK dammit!! #WineNWatches... ·

Just had a rare steak and a fine Malbec but no pictures because I'm a grown up,but here's a photo from early this week

commented on Cheers 🥃 ·
commented on Paladin67's WRUW ·

Agreed and I love it but I think the clasp/buckle is a bit of a lump.

commented on Ideas for use of notebooks for our watch hobby? ·

I don't keep a journal as such but for recordkeeping I use a looseleaf folder and plastic sleeves. Easy to change, shift things around and hold extra documents. I'm wouldn't be surprised if someone out there has not made a journal/notebook specifically for watch collections.

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Review XL-5, no, sorry, X-33

I've been wearing this watch for a week now and thought it would be a suitable candidate for my first review. I bought the X-33 a couple of years ago...

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33

5.0 Avg. Score

Watch boxes from something else

Many years ago I was a firefighter in London. Some of our old tool boxes were replaced with modern lighter versions and we were told to "dispose of lo...

Five days same watch.

Mainly because I am away and only bought the X33 with me. Did pop into the Omega boutique and looked at the white speedy in the flesh for the first ti...

Out and about.

Off on a jolly for a couple of days and chose this as my travelling companion. Light and comfortable with an alarm that can wake the deepest sleep. Ed...

The importance of public clocks.

I found this an interesting read and hope some other fellow Crunchers do. A little bit of quirky history. We forget how easy it is to know and find ou...

It's Tuesday

Apparently there's some connection between the moon landings and the Speedmaster. If only it was well documented somewhere. Model and watch are not to...