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SOTC 2023 Happy New Year.

These are all my Seikos, I didn't notice I had so many untill now, I realise I only have 4 other watches in my collection. But Seikos can look so diff...

Where's a brick when you need one?...

Yeah so after spending some time in a shop looking at these Hamiltons, security asked me to leave, apparently drooling on a display cabinet is against...

My favorite watches from the current collection

My favorite watches I own, ie that are actually working...

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commented on PBateman's WRUW

Thanks 馃槉

commented on PBateman's WRUW

Thanks 馃槉

commented on PBateman's WRUW

Thanks! Yes they knew how to design cases in the 70s

commented on PBateman's WRUW

Thanks 馃槉

commented on Seiko production year
commented on PBateman's WRUW

Thanks 馃槉, TT?

commented on Seiko production year


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Help with what chapter ring.

Hello folks, Looking for some help. I bought a 39mm case from Aliexpress, this case takes an NH36 no problem, however when I put a chapter ring design...

My name's Pat, and I'm a Seikoholic.

OK I've bought 3 watches in the last week. From Italy, France and Michigan. As you can see there is a 70's theme emerging. Why can't I stop??!! Damn y...


SOTC, now kitty approved....

Seiko 6309-8020 from 1976 (49 bucks)

Man this vintage watch I brought from Italy just amazes me. It hasn't gained more than 6 seconds in a week. My nh36 movement in my skx or my ray 2 are...

Where can I get parts??

Hi all, A friend of the family has had this pocket watch for some time, but it stops running after a few minutes. However when it's faced dial down it...

How much power reserve should the NH36 have?

Hi all, pictured is an old SKX007 that I upgraded to a new NH36 movement. But I was expecting 40 hours of power reserve, but after fully winding, and...