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How much power reserve should the NH36 have?

Hi all, pictured is an old SKX007 that I upgraded to a new NH36 movement. But I was expecting 40 hours of power reserve, but after fully winding, and...
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Strap Vendor

Came across this site via eBay. A really nice range of rubber straps etc good prices. Stuck one on my Ray 2 the second it arrived.
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After a few restorations etc here is the current SOTC. Mostly quartz, 3 automatics, a manual wind and digital.
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PBateman commented on How much power reserve should the NH36 have?

Oh I see, many thanks for that I will try it. I don't think Ive worn it for that long at a time yet. I wonder if it might have something to do with the stem I had to cut down, perhaps it is factor in how the spring is being wound. But it was the one that came with the NH36 movement which come extra long for you to resize to suit whatever case you have.

PBateman commented on How much power reserve should the NH36 have?

It tends to run fast, I have tried to adjust but I don't have a timegrapher so I just let it run fast, probably picks up a minute or 2 per day.

PBateman commented on How much power reserve should the NH36 have?

Yeah I would have allowed for a few hours either way, but 20 hours seems very low.

PBateman commented on How much power reserve should the NH36 have?

Oh I've tried up to 60 turns.

PBateman commented on SOTC

Wow! Nice one. I think that particular casio is about 35 bucks new, it was on its original resin strap but it split as soon as I put it on my wrist. But it has a nice retro charm about it.

PBateman commented on Strap Vendor

Hum, not sure I could pull off leapard skin!

PBateman commented on Strap Vendor

Yes indeed. Very good quality strap, I like the little extra retainer for the keeper nearist the buckle.


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Sakru Watches? Seiko Spirit SBTR027

Hi Folks, Just wondering is anyone has had any dealing with www.sakurawatches.com They have a very nice Seiko megaquartz on their site at around 150 c...
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Gemini Man 1976 Heuer Chronosplit

Anybody recall this TV series? I always wanted his watch as a kid, but it generally goes for about 2 grand, bit steep for me even if it turns me invis...
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What's your bench like?

Less than a year ago I got into watches, collecting, and a bit of restoration. Back then I had only a magnifying glass 2 screwdrivers and a tweezers....
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Calling all tech wizards

Hi all, I recently bought a quartz tester, the unit will beep at regular intervals as in every second if the battery and the quartz are good. It also...
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Most recent state of the collection.
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Nominee for best watch in a comedy or drama role 馃榾

Cracks me up every time.
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What's your favourite movie watch?

Post a pic of your favourite piece of Hollywood horology. For me it's the Seiko 6309 worn by Ed Harris in the Abyss. Let's see your favourites, do you...
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