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Which one?

I'm looking for a robust and durable everyday watch for around £500 pounds - and preferably swiss - and I have it down to 3 candidates: "The cliche ch...
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OmegaSimp commented on Help Please - Your Favorite Sub-$1,000 Watch? ·

Easy my 3 would be:

Field watch: Hamilton Khaki Field

Dress Watch: Orient Sun and Moon

Dive Watch: (Quite a cliche but) Seiko Turtle or SKX (if on a budget)

OmegaSimp commented on Which Omega should I buy? ·

Aqua terra is better than the Seamaster, purely because you have the Tudor get a more versatile watch in the Aqua Terra.

OmegaSimp commented on Which would you buy first? ·
OmegaSimp commented on Which would you buy first? ·

If you like the GS design get the snowflake model instead it looks better than the aqua terra personally.

OmegaSimp commented on Should we be comparing Grand Seiko to Rolex? ·

My Favourite watch is the Seamaster, closely followed by a Grand Seiko spring drive.

Rolex = Overated

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OmegaSimp ·

Should I Buy?

I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on an Orient bambino open-heart. I am in high school and it would blow most of my money away. Is it worth it as...
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