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I just couldn’t resist buying this

Is it weird? Yes. Is it wonderful? I think so yeah! The Softwatch by Exaequo is certainly a unique watch. Not that great to tell the time but who care...
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My 2 watch collection of 2022

As the year comes to a close, it's nice to look back. At the start of this year, I bought the Casio F105W as a no nonsense digital watch. The people s...
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All different shapes, what are your favourites?

There are lots of different shapes that stand out of the mostly round shaped watch crowd. From the classic tank to triangles or even more organic shap...
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Olivier commented on I just couldn’t resist buying this ·

Yeah way happier with this one. The case has a little bit of a curve and the bigger version follows te curve of my wrist instead of sitting on top of it.

I’m glad I made the decision to buy this one.

Olivier commented on The Big Bad Brother: Casio W-86 ·

Fantastic little watch indeed. I really like the look, and the little increase in the all-round dimensions might also be a one up over the F91W for some. The extra water resistance is really nice, and it's the only model I've seen with it.
I'm personally not a fan of hooded lugs like on this W86 or G-Shocks in general, hence why I went with the F105W, but that's probably just me.

Olivier commented on a post ·

It looks great! You make me want to get a Milanese strap of my own and try it.

Olivier commented on How do you feel about odd lug widths ·

I'd rather have a well proportioned and balanced watch than even lug width.
If they thought it looked better with the odd lug width why not go for that.

Olivier commented on Breitling Navitimer Boeing 747 limited edition ·

Looks fantastic, I always love their special editions for airline companies and they nailed it with this as well

Olivier commented on Calling on all Belgium (and neighbors) based Crunchers - let’s meet ! ·

If we do it over a good beer I'm in! 🍻

Olivier commented on Well, that's a Rolex off my list... ·

The startup business for educational clocks filed to trademark "Oyster and Pop". Filing to trademark something comes with a time to oppose, meaning anyone who thinks the trademark should not be approved for any reason can come forward. After which the court will look at the opposal and either approve the trademark or not.

Rolex thinks it infringes on their existing trademark and thus opposed within this period. It's up to the court to decide if they are correct or not.

Oyster trademark from Rolex: https://trademarks.justia.com/712/55/oyster-71255783.html
Oyster and Pop trademark: https://trademarks.justia.com/905/62/oyster-90562387.html

You might see this as bullying, you might see this as Rolex protecting their trademark, but before choosing sides it's important to understand the legalities.

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Olivier ·

Just an idea I had for a watch box

During my time here in this little corner of the internet, I've seen a few people who don't like watch boxes. Seeing the empty spots in your box can c...
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An amazing gift from my parents

One of the first watches I loved when I first got interested in all this was the Longines Flagship Heritage. A few days ago my parents surprised me wi...
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Display casebacks on mid-tier watches. What do you prefer?

The question is simple; to display or not to display? There are a lot of brands in what I would consider the mid-tier range that use standard ETA, Sel...
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Softwatch by Exaequo (What I bought was not what I got, the story of being to eager and enthusiastic with an online purchase)

I had been eyeing a Softwatch by Exaequo for quite a while, but the price had always been too high for me to justify the purchase of one, especially s...
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Olivier ·

The Casio F105-W, The Icon’s brighter brother

The Casio F91-W is undeniably an icon. The little digital watch is recognizable from a distance and brings back some nostalgia for a lot of us. There...
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