Casio Generation 2 Bracelet for G-Shock Square is on my wrist and I give it an A+ (the watch is a G-Shock Square - GW-5000U-1Jf) . It was a 30 minute challenge to get on this G-Shock as the screw on back requires more pressure to get on, but it does fit. The bracelet has been on my wrist for two weeks. It is the only watch bracelet I have where every link is connected with a Spring bar which makes adding or removing links easy. The links are all hard plastic, I mean "bio-resin" and so I am certain scratches will never be apparent. The clasp is black coated steel, so only time will tell, but even a scratch could be fixed with a Sharpie I am sure. The only con to this bracelet is Casio is proud of it and they go for around $200. I know a Rolex link goes for more, but this seems pricey given most G-Shock squares cost far less. I feel this bracelet really makes the watch and love it. Maybe plastic is the new Stainless Steel, Hah hah. Cheers!