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commented on Odnlinx's WRUW

I got it from a Japanese vendor as the price is cut by a third for the same watch. Definitely a nice watch that runs like a champ

commented on Odnlinx's WRUW

That's nice. I've always wanted to get one for one of my watches

commented on Finnarm's WRUW

Is that the pelagos 39? If it is what strap is that?

commented on Brand new Tudor North Flag!!!

That's a very nice watch. Never understood why it did so poor. Would probably be a hit now

commented on How concerned are you about your watches and airport security?

I just wear it on the wrist. Never been asked to take it off while going through security

commented on Is an explorer worth it?

My vote would be the the Explorer. I got one just recently, traded my DJ for it. Though I went with the older model. I prefer the older bracelet. Felt it was more proportionate.

commented on Commander Bond

For me it goes back to Brosnan in Golden Eye. Was just a kid when it came out. Had to wait a long while before I got this one