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Vaer A5 Atlas Olive USA Auto

I've been interested in this watch since they released the olive color (a year ago? Maybe two?). I bought my (adult) son a Vaer 4 years ago and have b...

My new Timex

Just arrived today. Timex Marlin Automatic California Dial. I like the mid century style of this watch and have been considering a California dial for...

Watches cut in half by a laser

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commented on What is a feature on a watch that almost always makes you look twice?

I do like an internal rotating bezel... For others in my collection I lean towards vintage influence, and I also gravitate towards 12 hour bezels (internal or regular)

commented on I remember seeing an ad for this as a kid

I had one in the late 1990s. It worked for what it was. As I recall, it only worked with CRTs and not notebooks (which were about the only LCD screens at the time)

commented on MycroftTime's WRUW


commented on MycroftTime's WRUW

I know right? I was casually looking for a red dial watch, for no real reason, when I stumbled on this - and the dial looks even better in person

commented on Vaer A5 Atlas Olive USA Auto

Thanks for checking in- I really appreciate the quality and attention to detail in your watches. I'm sure this won't be my last Vaer.

commented on Vaer A5 Atlas Olive USA Auto

That's a shame they don't work great for you. I don't have any issues but I assume I wear mine further from my hand than you do? I haven't noticed anything sharp on my A5 - it's a very comfortable fit for me.

commented on Vaer A5 Atlas Olive USA Auto

Hey Austen - yep... I'm really pleased with it. If I didn't already have more divers than I needed, I would also have one of your D5s. That being said... I am even more tempted by the D5 Malibu & the Anacapa now that I have my Atlas.

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My new (& 1st) Orient

I have wanted this watch for approx 4 months when the pics videos started online. Unfortunately Orient made a mistake on the dial so that delayed rele...

Meca Quartz tic video

My first Meca Quartz arrived a couple days ago. One of the features that interested me most was the 4 tics per second. Here it is compared to (From le...

AVI-8 Tuskegee Airmen Meca-Quartz

I was browsing the Island Watch sale section and came across this for $159 (originally these were $290 everywhere). I have wanted a Meca Quartz for so...

Healy Edition

I stumbled across this on State St in Chicago. I'm not in the market for a chronograph, but I really think this entire package was pretty sharp.

New single pass leather strap

I wanted to try a single pass leather strap. I am not a fan of NATOs and didn't want anything too thick or rigid. I just received my Vario Crazy Horse...

I want the mistake!

I'm going to buy the Orient RA-AC0Q07V once it's available at "regular" price but I really want one with the mistake on the dial. I love the idea of o...