An all time great, inexpensive, wind up watch: the Sugess 1983

The Sugess, 1983, hand wind, Seagull watch. A homage, I guess, but with a great movement, that you can see through the window at the back. I'm very pleased that I have it but realise that I don't wear it as much as I probably should. I've tried various straps with it but the original, green/khaki, NATO still looks best, I think. A good quality NATO, as well. 


The 1963 (or in this case, 1983?) is a great choice. Bought my 1963 from the Dutch retailer Watchunique, and it's a really decent watch. 

Wrote a review of it:

I like the original NATO and still have it, but I'm wearing the watch on an ostrich leather by Fluco:


Sorry, a typo in my message: the date should be 1963 and not 1983. A great watch but I don't find I am wearing it as much as I probably should. I do enjoy picking it up and having a good look at it, though.