My swatch irony

My uncle gave it to me when I was around 10 years old(maybe younger idk). Since I was a child, I didn't really care and forgot about it until 2 weeks ago when I saw the watch in my dream.

At first I wasn't really keen on finding it because I thought it was some off brand watch but I still kept on searching for the watch since it had sentimental value for me because it was given to me by my uncle.

I think it's an authentic piece but I'm not really sure since I couldn't find any information about the watch on the internet. But my uncle says it's authentic so idk...

There's nothing special about it tbh. You can't even find it on the internet so I don't think it's an expensive watch but I still like it and wear it.


Don't worry. It's authentic.

Easy to say...because a fake watch wouldn't look like that after (maybe) a decade in the corner. Especially if it's still work (with changed battery of course).

Swatches are also not the prefered brand to copy.

About price:

First of all: It's gift from your uncles heart, so it's priceless.

It's also hard to define watches as expensive or unexpensive, as it's subjective point of view related to were people live and their economical standards.

Swatch although is a Swiss brand and their concept of the 80's, offering a "Second Watch" (SWatch) as a "buy it, use it, if it's broken, buy one more again"-watch. Swatches are usually not repairable if they are broken. So they are priced in the 80's for the, European, North American and Japanese markets related by their incomes as an "affordable" watch. But back in the days it wasn't cheap for many parrents, knowing that there are much cheaper Japanese Brands.

So...within the Swtach Group and compared by other Swiss competitors it's an affordable entry-elevel watch brand. But I guess for emergin market standards quite expensive.

The Irony-Line is, as the name comes from, made from steel. :-)

They are quite different than the other collorfull/playfull collectable watches of Swatch. More disccrete and serious, aiming the more mature customers.

Today the Irony Line has an great automatic line with the System 51 (it's named I guess)...but still unrepairable (swatch didn't learned by time).


You have a beautiful, good chosen watch from a wonderfull person.

It's actually in my opinion one of the best choises of a watch present to a young boy, still today.


A free weeks ago on a flight from Vienna to Paris I noticed my seat mate had an intriguing looking watch.

Fairly large, SS, kind of a pilot on steroids. I stole glances at it for a while but couldnโ€™t make out what it was.

Tried to strike up a conversation but he was a young Morrocan with very little English and my French is extremely limited.

But it was a Swatch in the Irony series. He was quite proud of it. It looked cool and different without being HEY or zany.

I showed him my Seiko Flightmaster and managed to tell him โ€œVotre montre est cool.โ€

Later we agreed the in-flight meal was awful. That required no translation.

So, Moanteq: your watch is cool too.


I've got a sizable Swatch collection including Irony models which debuted in the mid 90's and I can second Uhrologe that the one depicted is authentic. Genuine Irony bracelets and straps are notoriously hard to source so good on you if that one is the real deal.