My New G shock Square

So. The story goes as follows. I have been looking for the 'Right for me' G shock for a while now. I'm an 80's child so I do get drawn to the older designs and perhaps the more subdued looking pieces.

Like many on WC I could literally talk myself I into almost every watch going. I like nearly all the G shock range bit typically I suffer with the average to small wrist curse. So I wanted a G shock with didn't look ridiculous on my thinner wrist. The Square range has always appealed tk me and the multi band tech also a big pull. Yesterday being my birthday I could drag the other half to all watch shops without any heckling. Inside Casio boutique in London soho I pulled this Square. I like the negative display and this one just felt great, the size and proportions not over the top which i find can be the case with G shocks. Got a 25% discount on top. So happy as can be. There's a G shock in my collection finally

Great choice, happy birthday!