If this were the NFL, the Seiko SKX is playing Sam Linebacker

The Seiko SKX is a tank.  A true workhorse.  Over the years, I have put this thing through the ringer.  There are battle scars front to back.  She's worn too many NATOs to count, and a few leather straps along the way.  Oddly, I've never worn it on a bracelet...although some pieces from Uncle Seiko have me considering the idea.   seen so many NATOs, a few leather straps, but oddly never worn it on the bracelet.  I have more cherished pieces in my collection, but this one is special in it's own right.  It was my first automatic purchase...and is a complete bruiser of a dive watch.  While it doesn't get tons of wrist time, it'll never leave my collection.

What are your favorite workhorse watches?



A faded SKX bezel > every ceramic bezel