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What is your 'Long Honeymoon' watch? For me, it's the Speedy..

The Speedmaster Professional was THE watch. For years I read every article, watched every YouTube video, and pined for this watch. Advance the clock t...
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Question for the Ladies - best watch size?

A few years ago, my wife - who at the time was my fiancé and just getting into watches - and I were exploring the crowded streets of NYC. We came acro...
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If this were the NFL, the Seiko SKX is playing Sam Linebacker

The Seiko SKX is a tank. A true workhorse. Over the years, I have put this thing through the ringer. There are battle scars front to back. She's worn...
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ManuallyWound commented on The Curse of the Dress Watch ·

A dress watch is what's missing from my collection.  I have the iconic Omega chrono.  A gorgeous Breitling diver, which was a wedding gift from my wife.  A go anywhere, do anything piece from Omega.  A Hamilton that is out of this world.

But I'm missing a true dress watch.  The JLC Reverso (especially the midnight blue dial paired with a rich leather strap) may be the most beautiful watch in my opinion.  Unfortunately - and sadly - I don't think the JLC will look good on my 8" gorilla wrist. 

So my next piece will be a dress watch.  Perhaps a rose/pink gold Carl Bucherer large date?  We'll see.

Thanks for posting!

ManuallyWound commented on Saturday Overcast ·

So,'re just out here casually putting on a clinic on how to photo watches.  Is that how it is? :)

Beautiful shot, man!  As always.

ManuallyWound commented on Is there a watch style you feel like you're missing? ·

Great question, Celine.  For me, I'm missing a proper dress watch.  I would love something in pink gold, white dial, rich leather strap, and maybe with a large date complication.  If I win the lottery, I'll satisfy this desire with a Lange 1.  Until then, the hunt continues.

I love your choice above!  The Aqua Terra is a amazing, and I love blue-dial.  It has become my daily driver.  I've heard some people say they don't love the amount of polished real estate (especially on the bracelet), but I think it works so well.  I've worn it in suits, and I've worn it with jeans and a hoodie.  It kills on all fronts.  The variant you have your eyes on is stunning!!

ManuallyWound commented on Watch collections as people ·

My Rolex collection....

ManuallyWound commented on Question for the Ladies - best watch size? ·

Very interesting Joel.  I guess that means she's never 'stealing' your beautiful Oris Big Crown!  :)

ManuallyWound commented on Question for the Ladies - best watch size? ·

Thank you Celine!  

I bet wearing your Swatch Chrono feels like a cuckoo clock on your wrist after wearing your grandmother's Blancpain!  Also, I love that you have a piece from your grandmother.  That is special!

I admit that I choose my piece by mood as well.  I also find that I may choose a particular watch that, for whatever reason, I have emotionally matched to a certain piece of clothing.  For example, I have a simple grey v-neck sweater.  If I'm wearing that, I always wear my Superocean Heritage in the blue alligator.  If I wear anything else, it just feels weird.


ManuallyWound commented on Question for the Ladies - best watch size? ·

Thanks Kaysia!  Her wrists are also just under 6 inches.  I think that 38-40mm is the sweet spot for women these days (barring an obscene lug-to-lug).  But what a great point about volume in certain sizes - I never considered that before.  


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Speedy Lovers: Hesalite or Sapphire Sandwich?

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Watches and photography go hand in hand (see what I did there?)

I've loved watches for as long as I can remember, but photography is new to me. My daughter took a few classes in high school, but left her Canon T6 b...
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Aqua Terra… a Long Honeymoon

I‘m sure others have posted about the length of a honeymoon phase once you acquire a new watch. I have to tell you, I think I’ll be honeymooning with...
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Ok, what's up with Rolex?

This is a sincere question...and something that's been on my mind for a while now. Let me set the record up front - this is not a slam on Rolex. Rolex...
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What was your first grail?

Mine was the Omega Speedmaster Professional. I wanted this watch for so long! For what seem like years, I watched every YouTube video, read every arti...
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Contender for most underrated watch?

I'll say it without hesitation...the Seiko SARB033 is perhaps one of the most underrated watches in the game. It's sporty when it wants to be, dressy...
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Strap Help: Seiko STO Turtle

I really enjoy my Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle. The dial!! That deep, rich blue. The bezel. The case shape. It's all so incredible. My only problem - i...
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