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Celebrating a Birth!

Three years ago this month I purchased a Speedmaster Professional to celebrate the birth of my son. At an appropriate age, I’ll take it off my wrist a...

Sub $1k Field Watch: The Field Murph

The Field Murph. It has all the elements of a great field watch, yet was born from the movie Interstellar. Originally a central prop for the movies pr...

A Stellar Watch

Hamilton’s Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date Auto is a stellar watch (see what I did there?). Jokes aside, this piece delivers on all fronts. 42mm, so it’...

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commented on Hi all ·

Brilliant!! I did the same for both of my sons, and every time I wear those pieces I think of them...and looking forward to the day when I can slip those two watches off my wrist and present it to them. And until then, I enjoy wearing them so those watches come with 'their' lifetime of wear. Oh the stories!! Well done, Sir. Well done.

commented on Celebrating a Birth! ·

If this was a girl, I was going JLC Reverso. :)

commented on Celebrating a Birth! ·

Interesting article. Marketing is precise, that’s for sure. I especially enjoyed two things. First, the quote ‘The point isn't to give it to the kid, the point is to convey the impression that he is going to give it to the kid.” Of course by posting these pics there might be a little of that. But this was something I considered long before the first was born. Then there’s the bit about marketing to Mom. ‘Where’s dad? At work, or one of those eyes wide shut parties”. Haha.

In the end, I’m a watch nerd thru and thru, and I hope both my boys take an appreciation to them as well. Not necessarily to tell time, but rather what they mean. A celebration of a milestone. An appreciation of nice things. The value of being deliberate and intentional in your morning when you select a watch and precisely set the date. Taking care of one’s things. The value of being on time. Etc.

Maybe they’ll think it foolish, and not care at all. Time will tell. And if WatchCrunch is still around, I’ll document that passing of the torch.

commented on Which 1st luxury watch? ·

Can’t go wrong either way. My experience with the 39mm Tudor BB58 is morning short of amazing. It’s my wife’s watch, but I borrow it at times. Fits well on my gorilla wrist, but looks so well proportioned on her smaller wrist. Fit and finish is amazing, and 70 he power reserve beats any other automatic watch in the box! And it’s a strap monster.

commented on Collecting my grail sbgm221 today ·

Gorgeous. And I’ve always loved that strap combination. Looks perfect on rich leather. Well done and congrats!

commented on Do you actually want a GADA watch? ·

Watches are about feelings. I care less about what the watch is supposed to be…less about the purpose of a watch. It’s about a feeling. My Aqua Terra is a near perfect GADA..especially with the full compliment of bracelet, rubber, and leather. It makes me feel a certain way when I wear it. Same with the Speedy. Or my wife’s BB58. If the feeling strikes you - conventions be damned.

commented on First Post with First Automatic Watch ·

Beautiful piece! Heck of a way to start posting!

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