Artists and their watches

Over the summer I started watching bob ross, and noticed he was wearing a g shock DW. I was just curious, what you鈥檙e favourite artist, and what watch did they wear?


I never noticed Bob wearing a watch let alone a G-Shock. I鈥檓 decently shocked haha.

I can鈥檛 say that I greatly appreciate modern artists whom lived in the time of wrist watches, but Andy Warhaul was a prolific collector.

And everyone鈥檚 favorite artist, Hunter Biden, has a nice collection of Rolex鈥檚.

Maybe one of a vintage enthusiast can figure this one out:


The only man I鈥檝e known to domesticate a squirrel

I love Holbein鈥檚 portrait work; but he wasn鈥檛 really into watches

He did design the odd clock or two, though