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The Most Unbelievable Story

Things like this don鈥檛 happen, maybe once in a lifetime the stars align if you are lucky enough. Incredibly it happened to me, one of those moments wh...

What watch would Banana Man wear?

Can anyone think of a watch with a yellow and blue bezel?

Any one going to the London watch fair tomorrow?

Same as above

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Larry_Von_Trapp commented on Rolex Prices too high?

Adjusted for inflation 2600 euros in the year 2000 would be worth 4.515 euros today. So the cost of a sub has more than doubled in real terms in the past 23 years. Will a sub be 44.000 euros in the year 2046? Maybe if the emerging markets like China and India take an even bigger share.

Larry_Von_Trapp commented on Is there a watch that you just don't get?

Any Rolex with a fluted bezel. Looks like it came out or a Christmas cracker

Larry_Von_Trapp commented on #WhiskeyNWatches Friday evening..

The FXD, Highlamd Park 10, and a couple of games of cribbage!!

Larry_Von_Trapp commented on The Most Unbelievable Story

Joking aside, it has saved my bacon, for maybe a year or two.

But what a way to save it. When the dough really runs out I鈥檒l still have a smile on my face. Great to share my story with others who understand what a moment like that is all about.

Larry_Von_Trapp commented on The Most Unbelievable Story

Wait a moment I got it wrong, I didn鈥檛 realise the speedmaster professionals were so expensive.

Change that to a speedmaster with the plexi glass and all is good

Larry_Von_Trapp commented on The Most Unbelievable Story

And me too, it was a surreal moment

Larry_Von_Trapp commented on The Most Unbelievable Story

It was definitely my Only Fools and Horses moment

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What watch would Rab C Nesbitt wear?

The legendary Scottish anti hero doesn鈥檛 wear a watch. If he did I鈥檇 imagine it would probably a stolen Rolex or a fake Royal Oak. Anyone else got any...

WTF is scavenger hunt?

Can some please explain to me what this scavenger hunt thing is?

Was the Austin Allegro the Inspiration for the Nautilus?

Preceding the Nautilus by 4 years, did the Allegro steering wheel inspire Genta? (Update: Look at the ribbing on the seat centres and the ribbed dial....

Which dial is best?

Hello Chrunchers, I would be most grateful of your opinion and help. Today I got back from the watchmakers two of my Record dirty dozens. I鈥檓 going to...

Hamilton 6bb brought back to life!

Back in January I bought a battered Hamilton 6bb/5238290 1974. The stem had snapped, the plexiglass cracked like a spider web and case was covered in...

FXD my need for an FXD

Last week I picked it up from a pre-owned watch dealer. A 23 MN, first bought in February, advertised as mint and it certainly is. I travelled to buy...